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FatCow eCommerce- If you are looking to build a website to start up an online business, or you plan to expand your current storefront business to online, these FatCow e-commerce features are a great place to get started. When trying to find the best web hosting company for your website, it is important to choose one that also offers quality e-commerce services especially if you plan to use your website to sell products and services. By not choosing a web hosting that offers e-commerce features, you will most likely have to purchase an e-commerce service separately. This can ultimately cost a lot more than it would have to go with a better web hosting company in the first place.

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Many who are new to web hosting may be intimidated by the various e-commerce software out there, but don’t know what they will need to start up an online business. However, FatCow makes it easy for customers by offering the basics anyone would need to get going selling products and services online. Among these FatCow e-commerce tools include shopping carts, credit cart process, SSL certificates and other e-commerce services.

Shopping Carts:

Using the ShopSite shopping carts with FatCow e-commerce, customers can easily sell products for any small or medium-sized business. With ShopSite’s intuitive browser-based interface, online entrepreneurs can quickly and easily create an online store that is ready to run in just minutes. Unlike complicated e-commerce software, users don’t have to worry about downloading and installing anything additional on the computer. Instead, along with the regular FatCow web hosting plans, users can get free access to all of the FatCow e-commerce features FatCow has to offer.

This ShopSite shopping cart works by helping users build the catalog to offer services and products as well as promote these products. The ShopSite features also include the ability to process orders securely over the Internet. In addition, ShopSite can be integrated to accept payments online using an Internet merchant account, PayPal as well as Google Checkout. The FatCow e-commerce tools include ShopSite Starter, ShopSite Manager and the ShopSite Pro, which all over different levels of e-commerce needs to its customers. Depending on how much business you plan to do, you have the option to upgrade your shopping cart needs to a higher plan for a small additional cost to accommodate for an increase in business. These shopping carts include features like up to 15 products and 5 pages, store setup wizard and themes; secure order management, global web editing software compatibility, automatic customer receipts, shipping and handling options, tax by zip/postal code calculator and so much more to get you started with a successful online business.

Credit Card Processing:

For the flexibility of each customer, the FatCow e-commerce tools also include a few ways to for customers to make payments. For small and medium sized businesses there is no need to get and pay for additional merchant services. Instead, customers can simply complete transactions with iPayment and PayPal to ensure secure transactions that are easy and accommodating. Some customers may feel uncomfortable by providing their credit card information directly to the merchant, and would rather go with their PayPal account. However, other customers might want the fast convenience of being able to enter their credit card information into the website directly, which is where iPayment comes in handy. All of this is included directly with FatCow web hosting. Don’t spend more than you need to just on getting your website up and running. Cut down on those initial business startup costs.

SSL Certificates and Other E-Commerce Features:

Security is a huge priority with FatCow, which is why this web host provides customers with QuickSSL Premium Certificate as well as an Extended Validation SSL Certificate option. This way, customers can feel confident in doing business with your website, which in turn can bring in even more customers. In addition to SSL, Shopping carts and credit card processing, customers can cash in on using other services like Doba to help provide users with access to over 1.5 million products from over two hundred suppliers. Doba is a great way to not have to be concerned with inventory, management and shipping. This way you can just choose the products to sell, and leave the rest up to the suppliers with no cost for the first 14-days during the Doba free trial.

Check out all of the FatCow e-commerce tools today to make sure these e-commerce tools will work for your online business. Any small to medium size business can start up their operation online by hosting their website with FatCow and get access to all of the features they need to ensure a smooth and successful online operation. Don’t wait to check out all FatCow has to offer and don’t miss out on our FatCow coupon. A FatCow discount price that will save you over 50% the normal FatCow price.

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