FatCow Features

FatCow Features- When it comes to FatCow web hosting features, new customers can get access to the best web hosting technology around for a great low monthly price! FatCow features include all customers need to get started with a great web hosting experience. For anyone that is looking to build a professional-looking and creative website, FatCow web hosting features can help anyone create an ideal website that is guaranteed to bring in web traffic and potential customers. Through FatCow’s advanced technology, those looking for a quality website will find reliability and security in hosting their website with FatCow.

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FatCow Features:

By signing up with FatCow web hosting, users get immediate access to unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well as free domain name registration and a free website builder. For those who are new to web hosting, building your own website can seem like a daunting task especially if you are unfamiliar with web design and development or programming. However, FatCow makes it easy for new users that may be inexperienced with website building. Using the free website builder and Script Barn, new users can quickly and easily build a website that is user friendly and appealing to web visitors and potential customers if your website is intended for an online business. Users also get direct access to application installation wizards. This kind of FatCow feature is great because it makes installing other features like blogging software, photo galleries, audio and video streaming and more so easy to add to your site with a simple couple of clicks.

FatCow features for email are also helpful for any business or organization because users can customize the email address (you@yourdomain.com), which enhances the professional look of your online enterprise. Along with the email features, customers get unlimited POP mailboxes, which make it easy to create email addresses with your business name for each employee.

Other FatCow features include website tools like FTP access and marketing tools like free ad credits with Google, Yahoo! and Facebook. New customers also get quick and easy access to programming tools if you are familiar with programming can help you build a customized website exactly how you want it to look.

FatCow Technology:

FatCow technology offers customers 24/7 security in addition to the data centers that run on N+1 power. Security and reliability are a huge priority for the folks at FatCow, which is why customers can count on their web hosting experience with FatCow to be consistent and safe. FatCow uses two data centers to accomplish the efforts needed to ensure each customer has a great web hosting experience. Within these data centers, the solid secure FatCow network works as a pooled server environment. This convenience is able to give just about any server on the FatCow network the ability to access website files as soon as a request is made. This is great to make sure each website experiences faster loading times and less service interruptions. Website visitors will enjoy visiting your site because it won’t lag or experience downtime like some websites that have trouble with its web hosting provider. Keeping your website up and consistent is the best way to assure customers of the quality of your own business. That is why it is important to look for a web host provider like FatCow where you know you can get a great web hosting experience. If you run an online business, having a reliable website is the best way to make sure your customers keep coming back, and new customers are able to find out about the website. With the Search Engine Optimization features FatCow offers, the website is guaranteed to get found on any web search engine, which sets the business apart from the competition. Be sure to check out all of the features FatCow has to offer to discover if FatCow is the right hosting provider for you. FatCow continually offers the best deals on the web for web hosting. See for yourself by checking out FatCow online today!

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