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FatCow Forum- There are a variety of options when it comes to FatCow Forum features. Those who are looking to build a website with forum capabilities are in luck when signing up to host a website with FatCow. FatCow forum software includes PHP GBook, phpBB and Simple Machines Forum. These are all different types of FatCow Forum options for varying purposes. Some website builders like to have multiple options to choose from, or to use more than one type of forum software on their website to address the different needs according to website.

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PHP GBook:

With the PHP Guestbook forum software, it is easy to setup a guestbook for your website with this free PHP script. This guestbook is a great tool to have to get feedback from your website visitors that frequent your website. To install PHP GBook, it does not require using a MySQL database to run. In addition, the guestbook also processes emoticons and sends the website administrator a notification anytime a website visitor signs the guestbook. This is helpful because it allows you the chance to delete inappropriate messages that may come across. You can also manually approve new posts and limit the length of comments and number of emoticons used per post within the guestbook.

The guestbook also comes complete with the ability to engage in IP banning, valid XHTML code as well as a bad words filter that automatically replaces inappropriate words with an asterix for each character of the word instead. The PHP GBook also enables the administrator to use the security switch that prevents comment flooding, which means users submitting the same message over and over again. These tools and features of the PHP GBook are helpful and easy in allowing you to manage the guestbook to prevent unwanted and inappropriate comments being made. Unfortunately there are spammers and trolls on the web that can cause serious trouble for website admins that do not have time to simply monitor their forum every minute. These tools are helpful in making some of the work to monitor your forum immediate and automatic. GBook also helps get rid of the spammers by using a visual Captcha image as well as a special JunkMark filter. Simply check out FatCow or call FatCow support to learn more about installing and using PHP GBook forum software directly on your website.


While there is some FatCow forum software that costs the user money to purchase a license, users will be pleased to know that phpBB is the most widely used Open Source forum solution on the web. Since it was created in 2000, phpBB is known for its easy-to-use administration panel as well as the easy-to-follow installation process. The installation and use of this software is so easy and simple because it allows anyone to have a forum setup in just minutes. This is especially fortunate for those who may be new to web hosting and need help in figuring out what tools are needed to get started with a website forum. As open source forum software, phpBB continues to grow because it is large and has easily customizable forum features and services along with the standards compliant interface. phpBB also continues to grow and compliment any website. Installation for this FatCow forum compatible software is easy. There are so many installation options available, which is what makes it so easy for this type of forum software to continue supporting new websites. To learn more about installing phpBB, simply check out the available FatCow Forum installation video tutorials, or give the FatCow phone support a try to get your questions answered promptly and efficiently.

Simple Machines Forum

Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is another free, professional-grade forum software package that is ideal for any website administrator that is looking for help to get them started with an online community directly on the website. SMF works through a powerful custom made template engine, which allows the user to be in full control of the layout of the entire forum or message board. The Server Side Includes Function is another bonus because it allows the forum and website to easily integrate and even interact with each other. Using SimpleScripts with FatCow web hosting, users can easily with one click add the Simple Machines Forum to their website hosted by FatCow. To learn more about this forum software option, as well as the others, be sure to check out FatCow today to find out which forum software is best for your website.

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