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FatCow Marketing- With FatCow marketing, each customer can not only build a quality website, but also find the best ways to get started in marketing and promoting that website. FatCow marketing features include free advertising credits that are used to get you started and to help you learn the best ways to market your new website. Before you can start to use the FatCow marketing tools, you must sign up for FatCow web hosting. Don’t pay full price for FatCow when you can use our FatCow coupon to save 50%!


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Anyone who has ever built an online business or website before can attest to the fact that marketing is just as important as having a quality website. Customers who know anything about FatCow web hosting services and features also know they are going to get a list of great web hosting tools and features. In addition, FatCow marketing tools are just all part of the initial package upon signup. These marketing tools include free advertising credits that are meant to help get you started in knowing the best places to market your new website online.
FatCow Marketing Tools:

Upon signup with FatCow web hosting, new customers get immediate access to some of the best online marketing tools and free marketing credits including:

• Google AdWords Credit – $75
• Yahoo!/Bing Search Marketing Credit – $25
• Facebook advertising credit – $50
• Yellowpages.com Listing – Free!
• RatePoint Feedback Services – Free 60-day trial
• HubSpot’s Website Grader

Other FatCow marketing tools include $100 payouts directly to partnerships like an affiliate program. New customers also get $10 credits with referral programs as well as deep discounts with reseller programs. Online business owners know and understand the importance of good marketing. In an online world where the competition is fierce, it is important to have a website with the marketing tools to help it become set apart, and rise above the competition, as a reliable source for whatever product or service you may be selling or promoting. Having access to these free marketing tools are a great way for new customers to find if that is what works well for them in marketing their site. Having a starting point to determine which partnerships programs also work well is another great place to get started with online marketing efforts.

Affiliate programs don’t work for every online business, but if you sell a product that could be easily promoted with an affiliate program by blog or external website, it definitely might be a resource you should consider to get your product or service out there. Getting found on the web via search engine is half the battle with trying to ensure your website stays competitive among other similar websites compared to yours. This is when affiliate and referral or even reseller programs come into play. Getting found on more than just your own website, is a great way to achieve high ranking among the competition. Being easy to find on the web is the best way to ensure financial success with your online business. Each online entrepreneur wants to make a few bucks with his or her online business, which is why it is important to make the smartest marketing choices possible. The professionals at FatCow web hosting are not only just great at offering high-end web hosting technology and tools, but FatCow marketing tools are also a necessary part of getting started with business online. Having the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are also helpful in making sure your website gets found quickly and easily by those looking for your product. In addition to a free website builder, FatCow also offers marketing tools along with the website builder like a Google Custom Search as well as Google Webmaster tools. These are just more tools that can be used with FatCow marketing to ensure a successful web hosting experience with FatCow.

If you are interested in learning more about the FatCow marketing tools like free advertising credits and partnerships that comes with each FatCow web hosting plan, be sure to check out FatCow today to learn more. FatCow is known for offering low monthly web hosting prices along with the best web hosting technology and tools including plenty of marketing tools to help get new customers started with online marketing their own website. Check out FatCow today to find out for yourself about all of these FatCow marketing tools and how they can fulfill your online web hosting needs.

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