FatCow Support

FatCow support through great customer service and commitment is just one of the reasons to consider hosting your website with FatCow web hosting. Finding a great web host provider means finding a company that not only has great services and features, but also offers customer support you can rely on at any time, day or night.

FatCow Support

Fortunately with FatCow support, that is something customers can feel confident in knowing about their FatCow web hosting experience. FatCow support and customer care is available 24/7. This means you can call the FatCow support line at any time, day or night, and get the answers to the questions you may be having with your web hosting account. The FatCow support is not just available 24/7, but it is also available via telephone support as well as email and online chat.

The folks from FatCow, while humorous in their approach, really want customers to know about quality FatCow support and the commitment to providing each customer with a web hosting experience they can count on. FatCow commits to this quality customer service in the HeiferCratic Oath. In this oath, the FatCow support team pledges to call each customer within the first seven days after signup with a warm welcome to FatCow web hosting.


The FatCow team also pledges to answer each phone call in less than two minutes each day on average. The FatCow support techs also work strictly out of America, so there won’t be any issues with trying to communicate with someone overseas. In addition, FatCow support also includes the resolution to resolve each issue when the customer first contacts the support team, or sets a firm deadline to follow up with the customer. According to the oath, FatCow support emembers also pledge to maintain a pleasant and friendly support experience to each customer. Each customer can also feel confident in calling the FatCow support team that their answer will be able to be answered by the hired support team. Following the issue, FatCow support will also follow up with each customer as to the resolution of the problem or question.

For those customers who feel their question has not been resolved or answered by FatCow support, simply email the crew at oath@fatcow.com to report the issue. Having quality customer service is one of the most important aspects of running any business, which is why the support team at FatCow strives to ensure each customer with an overall successful web hosting experience.

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In addition to the continual FatCow support available 24/7, customers can also feel confident in knowing that FatCow is also recognized for its web hosting reliability. Anyone who has managed an online business knows the importance of having a website, and having one that is set up for quality and won’t consistently be down due to technical errors. FatCow makes sure each customer has a reliable web hosting experience through the technology, servers and support in each data center. The high-end technology FatCow uses to ensure reliability is state of the art and is continually subject to routine backups, frequent checks and support. Having a reliable website is the best way to make sure your customers know they can count on your online business. FatCow understands this and strives to make sure each customer has that reliable web hosting experience they need to have a successful website and online business.

Continue to feel confident in knowing FatCow support is reliable and consistent because even if you don’t feel good about the support and care FatCow has to offer, FatCow also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the FatCow support and service. However, the folks are so confident in the support offered at FatCow, they continue to offer this money back guarantee because they are confident that each customer will be pleased and impressed with the amount of support they have to offer each customer. At FatCow, customer care and support is among the top priorities including giving customers a great web hosting experience with tons of features and services to enhance that web hosting experience with FatCow. To check out FatCow support for yourself, try out the free online chat feature on the FatCow website or trying giving the FatCow support team a call to determine if this is the right and best web hosting experience for your website hosting needs.

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