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FatCow Blog- With your FatCow blog tools, you can easily integrate your website and blog with little to no hassle. Fortunately FatCow blog tools include easy-to-get-started instructions with a simple install using SimpleScripts. WordPress blogging tools are handy to have and offer some of the best blogging tools on the web. With your FatCow blog, you can easily combine your website and blog to benefit your overall appeal on the Internet. Many users love to approach a website and see that it also has a blog with different content and feature attached. Fortunately since the FatCow blog tools are so great to work with in regard to WordPress and easy to install with SimpleScripts, it is a great way to get started.

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FatCow Blog Tools:

A blog using software like WordPress is so convenient because you can even create your entire website using WordPress. Or you can simply just add your blog to any type of website. This is a great way to keep that website content fresh, easily updated and current for your readers and website visitors. There are many reasons to start your FatCow blog and to take advantage of all the blogging tools FatCow has to offer. If you decide to host your website with FatCow, you can get immediate access to WordPress. It is easy to install using SimpleScripts.

From that point, you can either use WordPress as an entire Content Management System (CMS) to develop and build your website, or you can just use the WordPress blog as an addition to your website. FatCow also offers customers access to a free website builder, so if you decide to keep your blog and website separate, there is still a way to design a great looking website using the FatCow website builder that is super easy to use and doesn’t require any previous web design or programming experience. However, if you decide to use your WordPress blogging tools to design your entire website, there is so much to choose from when using WordPress to design your own site. Using WordPress themes, plugins and widgets, you can custom build your own website for whatever purposes you need including business, individual use or for an organization. FatCow blog tools like WordPress have all of the tools necessary to get you started in building your website for whichever purpose.

With your FatCow blog, you can also sell products and services through your blog in addition to your website, which is one of the best reasons to optimize your access to free blogging software. FatCow has partnered with one of the most successful blogging software utilities online because the teamwork between the two companies is unbeatable to give customers the best web hosting experience possible, all for a low, monthly price. WordPress blogging software is great because you can easily design your blog or website and customize the look and appearance of that blog or site without even having to have any prior web design or programming experience. The ease of use with WordPress and with FatCow web hosting is just one of the reasons many users are loving this combination of great web hosting services and offers for all customers.

FatCow Blog Installation:

When installing WordPress to be used as a blog in addition to your website hosted with FatCow, all it takes is to make sure you develop a title for your blog, establish an administrative username and password as well as an email address. This email doesn’t even have to be related to your FatCow email although it can be if so desired by the user. To learn more about the WordPress installation process with your FatCow website, simply check out the FatCow website or FatCow WordPress video tutorial to learn a step-by-step process on how to install the FatCow blog software. It only takes minutes and can easily be installed by just about anyone. If you do have questions about how to install WordPress that are not answered by the WordPress video tutorial, give the FatCow support team a try with the live chat option, email or toll-free calling that is all available 24/7. Be sure to check out FatCow today to learn more about creating a FatCow blog for your website and more about all of the features FatCow has to offer to fulfill your web hosting needs.

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