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FatCow email- When customers sign up for web hosting services with FatCow, one of the best features comes with the FatCow email options. With FatCow email, users get access to an unlimited amount of POP mailboxes as well as access to a webmail client. To keep your email secure and confidential, FatCow email features also come with Spam Filtering as well as a newsletter manager tool and a free 60-day trial with Constant Contact. Depending on the needs and purpose of your website, users can get tons of use out of the great FatCow email features that are available with every FatCow web hosting package.

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FatCow POP Mailboxes:

FatCow POP mailboxes are unlimited with a FatCow web hosting account, which is great for those website owners to operate a business and need professional email accounts for each employee. The POP email service is specific to your web address as well (yourname@domain.com) so each email address can be used for employees as a professional email client, which is a service many business owners enjoy because they don’t have to pay extra for additional email services. Having a FatCow email address that is specific to your website is a great way to make the switch from other outside webmail based email addresses.

The Microsoft Exchange Mail system works because it adds a simple approach to email management with your FatCow email system. Using the FatCow email exchange system, you can provide a calendar and well as a task folder with sharing capabilities. The system also comes complete with Outlook licenses and more. Using Microsoft Exchange, users can also create email accounts using your own domain, or add additional mailboxes to your own account. Upon the web hosting signup, users can check out the FatCow email options and even choose the size needed with the Exchange program: Basic (2GB), Plus (5GB) and Premium (10 GB).

FatCow Webmail:

In addition to a traditional email client, FatCow also offers webmail features, which is helpful for those who may not be continually sitting at their desk each minute to await emails. Having webmail access is great for those business men and women who need to be able to access their email while on the go via their smart phone email system or from another Internet connection while traveling or on vacation.

The Exchange Mobile Services allows users to check email, access contacts as well as update your calendar and more directly from your mobile phone. Having this kind of quick and easy access is beneficial for those who continually travel for work or often work from home.

Other FatCow Email Features:

Other FatCow email features are helpful in providing users with added features to increase the usability and functionality of a person’s email service. The added FatCow email features are also great because they protect those email accounts using top-notch security and spam filters. The premium spam filter gives users an enhanced control over what goes into that inbox. The spam filters work to make sure each user receives mail from a trusted sender as well as it monitors spam with robust reporting tools.

Some of the other FatCow email features also include autoresponders as well as the newsletter manager tool. This tool allows users to directly send out a monthly or weekly newsletter that is easily created to the appropriate contacts in your email client. This is a great way to keep in contact with customers and clients that you do business with regularly. Other cool FatCow email features include access to a 60-day free trial with Constant Contact, a service that is dedicated to email marketing solutions. If you use your email as a valuable business tool, Constant Contact is incredibly helpful to handle email marketing that would take an individual much longer to accomplish if they had to send each email by hand.

Check out FatCow email features today to learn if this is a service that you need to benefit your web hosting needs. In addition to being one of the cheapest web hosting providers around, FatCow is still great with customer service, has tons of quality web hosting features and the best email services around. Visit FatCow online today to learn more!

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