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FatCow Green Hosting- Many web hosting companies are finding new ways to become more environmental and economic, which is why FatCow is offering green hosting services to run its web hosting operation. By making the move to green energy, the folks at FatCow are working to help contribute to green technology growth and overall a more positive environmental impact. FatCow web hosting plans are now powered by green wind energy with benefits that extend to each FatCow customer and their website.

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FatCow Green Hosting:

Because FatCow does not have its own wind energy farm, the company instead purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset the energy use that is used at the FatCow data centers to provide customers with reliable and secure web hosting experiences. RECs are used to represent the environmental benefits of wind energy. They are used to reduce the amount of electricity in the energy grip that is produced by fossil fuels. One of the best parts about FatCow’s quest to go green is that it extends beyond just the FatCow technology.

In addition to the green energy that is used to power the FatCow operation, the staff members at FatCow are also jumping aboard the green energy initiative. Many of the folks at FatCow ride their bikes to work, take public transportation to and from work as well as utilize office resources like paper and ink to ensure the maximum possible usage to save money and resources.

How Customers Benefit from Green Hosting:

Because FatCow strives to not only use green energy, but to spread that green energy initiative to each of its customers, users can now showcase free green badges that can be added to your website. This is a great way to announce to each of your website visitors and customers that you have gone green as well. When your website visitors see your green badge and click on it, they will be able to learn all about FatCow and see the FatCow certificate that verifies that the website is powered by 100 percent wind energy.

One of the best parts about using this green energy badge directly on your website is that it enhances the customer appeal and helps you increase traffic with your website. Once you have signed up with FatCow, you can easily just download the green badge. There are quite a few to choose from to add to the already existing-style of your website to make it match the website theme. By using the green energy badge on your website, you are promoting your energy efficient website and continuing to spread that energy awareness to other potential web visitors and customers. Because so many consumers are now looking to make green energy changes and become more environmentally conscious in their own lives, they will appreciate the fact that they are doing business with a green friendly business. Using the green energy badge allows you to appeal to these eco-conscious customers as well as verify that your website is powered by wind renewable energy, which allows you to further build your reputation is a business or organization that strives to be environmentally responsible.

FatCow Green Hosting $3.67

With the help of new green domains that sign up with FatCow, this best web host provider is able to prevent the release of 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. FatCow has also continued its quest to become entirely green by partnering with the Enviornmental Protection Agency. As an EPA Green Power Partner, FatCow is able to make sure each data center, web server and all of the FatCow offices are now powered by 100 percent wind energy. By converting to green energy, FatCow web hosting solutions are able to offer web hosting features and tools continuing to benefit customers as well as the environment. Check out the green initiative for the best web hosting at FatCow’s website today to learn how to build a green friendly website for a low, affordable monthly price.

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