Fatcow vs BlueHost

FatCow and BlueHost are two of the top web hosts around, so here on FatCowPromo.com we are doing a FatCow vs. BlueHost review to help consumers learn more about the potential of web hosting with either of these great web host providers. In this BlueHost vs. FatCow comparison, we are also looking to give those who are interested in web hosting a clear and in-depth FatCow review and BlueHost review to help make the decision a little easier. When choosing a web host provider, there are tons of companies to choose from. However, it is important to consider a web host that is technology-heavy as well as affordable. Fortunately both BlueHost and FatCow meet those requirements. Keep reading to learn more about why you should consider FatCow or BlueHost to host your website.

FatCow Review – $3.67/month:

For many, price is a huge factor when they are looking to find an online service to host their website. They want something cheap and affordable. On the other hand, others are more invested in finding a company with plenty of web hosting services and features to build a successful and easy-to-manage website. Fortunately, FatCow customers get the best of both worlds. While the monthly price is cheap starting out at just $3.67 per month, with this FatCow coupon, that does not mean that the quality of the service is also cheap. In fact, FatCow users get access to just about every tool they will need to have a great web hosting experience including a free domain name, blogging tools, online store features as well as a simple website builder to create and design a great-looking website. The shared web hosting plan at FatCow also comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and tons of other bonus features like email features, site templates as well as great customer service.

BlueHost Review – $3.95/month:

On the other side of our head-to-head comparison between FatCow vs. BlueHost, we have another one of the web hosts that fit the criteria of being cheap and affordable, yet feature heavy. In addition to being one of the most affordable web hosts around, BlueHost offers a huge variety of features and tools in its shared web hosting package including a free domain name registration, which is a great way to save even more money when you first sign up for hosting with BlueHost. Many who are new to website development or web hosting are even more cautious about which web hosting provider to choose because there are so many with tons of different features. They might also be worried about the idea of not knowing how to build a creative and professional website. That is the good part about hosting your site with BlueHost because previous knowledge about building a website is not at all necessary. You don’t have to know a programming language or website design to get started. Fortunately the BlueHost easy website builder does most of the work for you. All you have to do is click where you want things to go and in no time you will have a website to be proud of that you can show off on the web.

BlueHost vs. FatCow:

When it comes to pricing, FatCow is slightly less expensive than compared to BlueHost, but not by much. However, BlueHost brings its own perks to the table with web hosting deals including huge savings with this BlueHost coupon to get web hosting for just $3.95 instead of the usual $6.95 pricing. Customers can also get access to the cPanel demo trial. This is a great chance for you to see and try out what BlueHost has to offer before you actually commit to signing up for the web hosting service. In comparison, FatCow is also powered 100 percent by wind energy. This is a great economic and environmental savings that is passed on to each and every one of FatCow’s customers.

To make the final decisions as to which web hosting company to go with, it is a good idea to visit both the BlueHost and FatCow websites to determine which web host provides the best tools and services you can use to build and operate your website. Give the free demo a try on the BlueHost site and check out how the free website builder works on FatCow. Either way you choose, both FatCow and BlueHost have what it takes to provide users with a great web hosting experience.

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