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FatCow vs Ipage- When comparing FatCow and iPage, you are taking a solid look at two of the best web hosting companies around that are also among some of the least expensive web hosting companies available. In this iPage vs. FatCow review, we are taking a closer look at these two companies to help consumers out there looking for a great web hosting companies to learn more about FatCow and iPage. Keep reading our FatCow vs. iPage review to learn more about why these two companies are consistently ranked as some of the best web hosting providers around.

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FatCow $3.67


iPage $3.50


Starting with FatCow, there are a few web hosting services and features that set FatCow apart from the competition. The first is that this company offers some of the lowest prices in the industry but doesn’t fail to provide the goods. With so many web hosting companies that offer prices for cheap, they don’t offer all you need to even get started building a website. Instead, you have to pay the upfront costs as well as additional costs later just to get access to the features you need to build a great-looking and functional website. This is going to ultimately cost you more and more as time goes on. That is not the philosophy at FatCow. While you are paying less, you still get more in terms of great web hosting products and tools. You can get access to a free website builder to put whatever features and design to your website that you want. This is also super easy to use so you don’t need to be a trained web design professional to get started. One of the best parts about using this tool is that FatCow provides you with the means to learn how to use the tool quickly and easily through a video tutorial on the first page of the FatCow website. Check it out now to learn more!

Other FatCow Web Hosting Features:

• Unlimited storage and bandwidth
• Blogging tools
• Website templates
• Unlimited domains hosted
• Unlimited MySQL databases
• Free domain name
• Free website builder
• Free shopping cart
• Powered by 100 percent wind energy
• Unlimited email accounts

On the other hand, we have iPage. In comparison to FatCow, iPage is also one of the least expensive web hosting providers. Again, we have a web hosting company that strives to offer customers all they need to get started building a great and easy-to-manage website that doesn’t cost them an arm and a let to get started and operate. When you are starting up a business or looking to make extra money online, the last thing you want to do is worry about how much the upfront costs it will take to start and manage your website. With iPage web hosting, this is not something you will have to worry about. Another one of the best parts about doing business with iPage is that you get access to a free security suite, which is an exclusive feature with iPage and comes with your web hosting package. This security suite comes with a business verification, daily malware scan, daily spam scan, display certification for your website, highly secure data center as well as constant network scanning. This is great news for those new businesses expanding to online. It is important to offer customers a business model that is secure so those customers can trust in doing business with your company. Hosting your online business with iPage is a great way to get started. You can also trust in doing business with iPage yourself because this company offers an anytime money-back guarantee. To get the most out of your web hosting experience, the folks at iPage want potential customers to know they can trust in their web hosting experience.

Other iPage Web Hosting Features:

• Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
• Unlimited email
• Free domain registration
• Free website building tools
• Free online store
• Free advertising credits
• Green energy wind powered!
• Anytime money-back guarantee
• Free security suite
• Free marketing suite

While making the ultimate decision between iPage and FatCow can be tough, it is important to consider your own web hosting needs and which company can do the best job of fulfilling these needs. It might be good idea to check out iPage and FatCow to learn more about the features and web hosting products both of these companies have to offer. Learn more about FatCow and iPage online today to decide which web hosting company is best for your new website!

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